A unique project for the whole hockey world


Unique Offer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am submitting an offer important for ice hockey. I have created the unique, original and sophisticated product, having practical importance for the whole ice hockey world. It is specifically designed for ice hockey, for all level leagues around the world, including hockey-ball, in-line hockey and other sports using hockey sticks of various types and sizes. Self-adhesive coating is highly practical useful need for all sports using hockey sticks in multiple various versions.

The sticker BLADESTAR is characterised by originality, quality and good utility and exceptional mechanical properties at the same time. There is a colour theme on both sides. In addition, it was tested by several top NHL players as an excellent replacement of the current state! I was awarded several patents in the countries as USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, etc. The innovation product represents the fundamental and definitive innovation of the current state of technique, after almost 120 year unchanging state for ice hockey. The product is useful and practical, but mainly attractive for the next 120 years and endlessly!

Several tens of millions of hockey sticks in various sizes are used in the world in various sports and competitions. Starting from street youth games, ending by the highest professional ice hockey leagues in many world countries. Many millions of new sticks are produced annually so the perspective of consumption of the BLADESTAR product is a certainty! Commercial area in this case is presented by the whole world! The stickers may be varied throughout the year! The sticker is not only the excellent practical need bearing the colour theme of the clubs and players, as well as a collective attraction for hockey fans.
I'm looking for a partner-investor for this grand global project. I'm looking forward to an answer.